Mathieu Lambert (b.1986), France, lives and works in MontrĂ©al, Qc.

Office (Detail), Incense burner : Peruvian walnut and brass, 2015. Letter opener : Peruvian walnut, 24k gold leaf, 2015.


Below: Office (Detail), pen, engraved "Goals" stone, 24kt gold leaf, 2015.

Installation view, 2016.

Tea, teapot, marquetry (Various woods), leather wallet, blank visa credit card, spray paint, folded styrene sheet, 2016.

Deepwater Horizon

Full HD video, seamless loop.

40" LCD flatscreen, 2013.

Nrol (Nothing is beyond our reach), Bronze, 2016.


Blank Visa credit card, acrylic paint, Plexiglas, brass fixtures

9.5 x 6.5 x .75", 2016.

The Economy Game : The Know-How Of Success.

Archival silver gelatin print.

16 x 20", 2015.

Polyester resin, embedded bump keys

and key-chain, Custom bronze nails, 2016.

American Night

Video loop, sound, 2013.

Bended Anodized aluminum tube, 2014.

Incursion (Attempt)

Polyester resin, embedded

bump keys and keychain, 2016.

Installation view, 2016.

Air-Vent, shredded U.S. Dollars currency, variable size.