After tears, comes laughter.


On the home-made production of tear gas and by-products.

. Dried peppers

. Alcohol

. Oil

. 1 large jug

. 1 large pot

. 1 Electric burner

— Chop the dried peppers in a blender and put them into a large jug.


— Add alcohol until they are covered by an inch

of alcohol.


— Put the jug into a pot of water on an electric

burner and bring the alcohol almost to a simmer.


Be very careful as the alcohol fumes and can ignite.

Don’t use a flame to heat the water.


— Let the alcohol cool a bit then filter it off.


— Repeat this step three times.


— Throw out the peppers and put all the alcohol

into a large mouthed jar.


— Take the water pot and heater outside and heat up

the alcohol (for safety).


— Evaporate the alcohol down to about 100 mls.


— Filter off the alcohol grain and finish evaporate until you obtain a thick reddish oil.


— Use as a 1%/5% solution. (Dilute with oil)

Installation view, 2016.

Piment d'Espelette & Cognac, 2016.

Pepper spray, 2016.

Spray paint can, bike tube valve, plumbing hardware, DuckTape, epoxy glue, reclaimed basket.

Pine, plastic basin, spray paint, Castile soap, water, salt.